Kids Adventure Outdoors Anglesea (KAOS)  is a weekend event that encourages children (and their parents) to get more active in the outdoors by introducing them to a bunch of fun activities that will have them running wild (and riding, and paddling, and fishing, and swinging…).


IMG_9920WHAT: Kids Adventures Outdoors Anglesea weekend

WHEN: 7-8 April 2018

WHERE: Anglesea, Victoria

WHY:  To get more kids more active in the outdoors more often

HOW: Book for a single day or stay the entire weekend. Enjoy up to four activities on Saturday and two activities on Sunday. Saturday is divided into a morning session and an afternoon session, where you choose two activities per session. These activities must be selected at the same location, there are four locations throughout Anglesea – Camp Wilkin, the YMCA, the main Event Hub and Water activities. As well as our sessional activities, there are a range of leisure activities available at each site (excluding water) on a first in first serve basis.  For more information on activities available at each of the locations for each session, refer to our activities page. You might like to take part in a Camp Out overnight, or perhaps stay in cabins on-site at one of the  outdoor camps or caravan parks located in Anglesea.

You need to purchase your tickets and book the sessional activities. First up, read the FAQ‘s and about your choice of activities.

The KAOS Anglesea weekend features activities aimed at engaging primary school–aged children with the natural environment while introducing them to a huge variety of adventure pursuits in a safe environment that make the most of nature’s playground, including rides, runs, climbs, paddles and plenty more ‘wild’ play.

As part of the wider Active April initiative supported by the State Government of Victoria via Sports and Recreation Victoria, the Kids Adventure Outdoors program of fun-filled activities will take place in stunning bushland, sea and inlet landscapes in a town renowned for easy access to adventure pursuits such as mountain biking, paddling, trail running, fishing, surfing and sailing.

KAOS Anglesea taps into academic American author, Richard Louv’s, seminal work Last Child In The Woods linking the lack of nature in the lives of today’s wired generation — he dubs it ‘nature-deficit disorder’ — to some of the most disturbing childhood trends, such as the rises in obesity, attention disorders and depression.

Louv argues that direct exposure to nature is essential for healthy childhood development and for the physical and emotional health of children and adults.

As part of the KAOS Anglesea weekend, families are encouraged to get a taste of camping life, with a choice of facilitated overnight Camp Outs offered on site. Partner Camps including YMCA Anglesea,  Camp Wilkin and Anglesea Family Caravan Park all located in Anglesea, are offering discounted cabin and dorm accommodation on-site for the weekend, ensuring the weekend’s activities do not break any piggy banks.

Connecting our kids with nature is an important developmental issue. It touches on mental health, physical wellbeing, education, community, recreation and the protection of natural resources. Importantly, the weekend will give those parents who have little experience or confidence in taking their kids into nature, a safe, comfortable setting in which to ease their way into the outdoors. It’s all about facilitating play in nature and creating pathways to engender lifelong habits of activity and enjoyment in the outdoors.

And of course, reclaiming some quality family time, spent in the outdoors having oodles of fun.

For general enquires please contact:

117 Great Ocean Road
PO Box 189, Anglesea VIC 3230
T 0497 890 400

More information on activities here.

Frequently Asked Questions here.

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