When is the next event?

The Kids Adventure Outdoors Anglesea (KAOS) weekend will take place on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th April 2018.

Where is the event?

The event activities will be held at locations across the township of Anglesea, with event HQ based beside the Anglesea Bowls Club, across from the main shopping precinct.  Activities will also be held at Camp YMCA Anglesea, Camp Wilkin and the water sports area.   Check the location of Event HQ and the camps involved HERE.

What age do you have to be for the activities?

There are age requirements for the various booked activities with the age range from 3 to 13 years.  Please refer to the activities information schedule  for these.  Children must be at the minimum age on the day of the activity to book into that activity.  We also ask that parents judge their child’s capabilities and interest for particular activities, regardless of age.

I have a toddler/s. Are there any activities / entertainment suitable for them?

Yes. There will be several non-scheduled, free play activities available on site at the Event HQ with access to things like the giant sandpit, volleyball, face painting, jumping castle and the like.

Is the event suitable for children with disabilities?

The Camps in Anglesea often host children with disabilities and adhere to and promote access-for-all. The YMCA camp does have Universal Access for people with disabilities.  The Outdoor Camps producing this event will be well equipped to host children with disabilities. Unfortunately, not all activities will be able to host all children with disabilities, pending an individual’s requirements. We encourage parents to contact us to discuss requirements, and we will do everything we can to be inclusive and make arrangements so your child can enjoy adventures at KAOS Anglesea.

Do adults have to be present during the activity sessions?

Yes. Parents must accompany the child/ren they are responsible for to and from activity sessions. Some activities encourage parental participation, others are only for spectating but it is great to have parents along and involved.  Please consider this when booking multiple children into activities in different locations.

What do I need to bring?

  • All participants must wear  closed toe shoes for ALL activities.  We recommend sturdy sneaker type shoes (no open toe shoes / thongs) that can get dirty.
  • Bring comfortable, active clothes that can also get dirty (we advise against dresses).
  •  We strongly recommend a Sun Smart approach, with broad brimmed hats and sunscreen.  Insect repellent is also a good idea.
  • If  children are participating in activities using a harness (Giant Swing, Crate Climb, Vertical Challenge, Climbing Wall), they should wear leggings or long shorts.
  • For some water-based activities (canoeing, sailing etc) you may like to bring a second old pair of shoes as they may get wet and/or muddy.
  • You may like to bring your own wetsuit for some water based activities although these can be supplied.
  • Spare clothes and a towel especially for water based activities.
  •  Bring a water bottle to each activity – hydration is important!
  • Being outdoors can work up an appetite so bring along some snacks.
  • A sense of adventure!

There are no equipment requirements as all activity-specific gear will be supplied. For Mountain Biking, children can bring their own bike if they would feel they would be more comfortable.  Ask at the registration desk on the day about where to store your bike.

 Who is managing the event?

KAOS Anglesea is managed by a team of volunteers who have local businesses including: Camps, Caravan Parks, Activity Providers, along with government and tourism agency support and local PR/Event company Adventure Types.  Our camp operators are The YMCA, Baptist Camp Wilkin and Eumeralla Scout Camp and activity providers include The Boat Shed, Go Ride a Wave, GORATS, ECOLogic, GORCC, VicFish, Anglesea BeachFront Caravan Park and the Anglesea PaddleBoats.

What is the Premier’s Active April?

Premier’s Active April is part of the Victorian Government’s promotion of healthy and active lifestyles and getting Victorians to join the fun of increased physical activity. The program encourages all Victorians to do 30 minutes of physical activity a day during April. It’s free, it’s fun. For more information go here.

Is this an annual event?

Yes. We will host KAOS Anglesea on an annual basis.  Next years event will be held on 7th and 8th April, 2018.

How can I stay informed about the Kids Adventure Outdoors (KAOS)?

Like us on Facebook at Kids Adventure Outdoors Anglesea to keep up to date.  You can also sign up to our KAOS Anglesea newsletter here.


How do I know which activities are on?

You can discover information about all the activities on the Activities page of the website.  For an easy to read schedule of all activity times, ages and parental involvement go to the Schedule page on the website.

How do I choose activities for my child/ren?

We recommend sharing the activity selection process with your child/ren.   You may find out where their interests really lie and this will increase their enthusiasm for the event.   It is also imperative that you choose two activities from the same location (e.g. Camp Wilkin, Camp YMCA Anglesea, Water Sports Hub or Event Hub) for the morning and then two activities at the same location in the afternoon.

There are limited numbers for many activities so early bookings are advisable!

How do the Leisure Activities work?

Leisure Activities include Geocaching, Skateboarding, Trampolines, Orienteering and Hut Building.  You still need to book into these “Leisure Activities” and then children can choose which ones they wish to participate in which may be all or one.  It works on a first in, first served basis, similar to a theme park activity where you line up to play.

Are the session instructors qualified?

Yes. Every instructor will have first aid qualifications and be experienced in their particular activity, including any specific qualifications that are required i.e. high ropes, Bronze Medallion, etc.

Do instructors have ‘Working With Children’ checks?

Yes. Every instructor and host will have a Working With Children check.

Where do I park the car?

Parking will be available at the activity locations, whether that be onsite at the camps or along our marvellous riverbank, closest to your activity (refer to location map).  For registrations and activities at the Event HQ, parking is available around the Anglesea Lawn Bowls Club area, which is directly across from the main street shops.  If you have booked on-site accommodation then you will be able to park at any of the Anglesea camps or accommodation providers.  Simply get instructions from staff when you make your accommodation booking.


What are my options when buying tickets?

You can get a full weekend ticket or a single day ticket for either Saturday or Sunday.

How much are the tickets?

Children’s full weekend tickets are $160. Children’s one day tickets are $90. The Camp Out is $25 per person in a 3-person tent including BBQ and breakfast. Tents are booked out by a family group (i.e. if you have only three people – a parent and two kids – you still book the entire tent!). Dormitory and cabin accommodation is also available at Camp Wilkin and Camp YMCA on Friday and Saturday night.   Please contact the various camps for details or us for referrals.

Are adults free?

Yes.  However,  you still need to book a ticket for every adult attending.  If you wish to attend the Saturday night Camp Out, there is a $25 fee for each person.


KAOS Anglesea is a not for profit charity under the Business and Tourism Anglesea Association. This means that all tickets are GST exempt. All prices are quoted in Australian dollars.

How do I book?

Bookings can be made online here. 

Step by step,  “How To Register for KAOS” instructions are at the base of the Bookings page on the website.

To make a booking, choose the number and type of tickets you wish to purchase. (Each child and adult must have their own ticket).

Enter your billing and personal information.

Choose your activities (EACH child must elect an activity for EACH session).

  • All children participating must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the activities.

Choose your additional items:

  • All children and adults attending the Saturday night Camp Out must buy the Camp Out option.
  • Look out for the merchandise stand at Event Hub, where you can purchase KAOS T-Shirts, hats and more…
  • If you want dormitory or cabin accommodation  for the weekend, please contact the respective accommodation provider you wish to stay at.

Can I walk up and buy tickets on the day?

Yes, however there are limited numbers for many activities so it is advisable to book online as early as possible.  You may be limited to the activities that have space in them.  We strongly suggest buying tickets beforehand.  If you are hoping to buy tickets on the day, please contact us to check availability before arriving.

What does my ticket cover?

Children’s weekend ticket holders get four sessions per day of full-filled activities on both Saturday and Sunday at KAOS Anglesea. Children’s single day tickets holders get four sessions of activities on one day, either Saturday or Sunday.

Note: Specific activities are contingent on space being available. Spaces will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

What happens if I buy a ticket/s but then need to cancel for any reason? Do I get a refund?

Any cancellations need to be advised at least two weeks before the event. i.e. before 19th March 2017. These refunds will be 80% of the ticket price, with 20% withheld for administration costs incurred.

Any cancellations after 19th March 2017 will not be refunded. This is a condition of ticket sale.

What happens if there is extreme weather predicted for the weekend of the event?

If extreme weather is likely, activities will be changed to suit conditions and alternative activities will be offered (indoors) and/or cancelled. If there is a Code Red / Extreme Fire or other equivalent weather event, the event will be cancelled and all registered participants will be notified as soon as possible (please ensure you have registered your mobile phone number and email so that we can be in contact).


KAOS Anglesea abides by the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988. Any personal information that is collected will remain confidential.  All Staff and Volunteers have current working with children cards.


Where is the Camp Out held?

This year, there will be two Camp Out locations for Saturday night (8th April).    The “Bush Camp Out” at Eumeralla Scout Camp is now booked out.   However, there is another option, being the “Kangaroo Camp Out” on the grounds of Camp Wilkin amongst the kangaroos.

How does the Camp Out work?

The Camp Out will offer a limited number of tents that can be booked via the online ticketing system. Each tent will be for 3 persons. Tents and sleeping mats are supplied, set up and packed up for you.

Will I have to share a tent with people I don’t know?

No. Tents will be booked / allocated according to family group (where family encompasses a group of children known to one another and at least one adult guardian responsible for that group).

What time does the Camp Out start?

We anticipate that attendees for the camp out will start making there way to the camp sites from 5.00pm but all campers must be onsite by 6pm so they can join in on the BBQ dinner and organised activities.

Is food supplied?

Yes. Those attending the Camp Out (only) will enjoy a Bush BBQ dinner plus a damper breakfast in the morning with basic tea and coffee on offer. There will be water available at the camps.

Is there an additional cost for the Camp Out?

Yes, there is an extra cost for all those participating in the Camp Out. $25 per person in a 3-person family tent.

What if I want to attend the Camp Out, but not attend day two (Sunday) activities?

There is the option to attend the Saturday activities or Sunday activities only and still participate in the Camp Out.

What do I need to bring to the Camp Out?

Sleeping bag, pillow, pillow case, water bottle, torch or headlamp, personal items as well as clothes to suit the expected weather conditions e.g. warm jumpers, sensible shoes, rain jackets or cold weather jackets.   This is an outdoor activity and the Camp Out will go ahead in a range of weather conditions!

What do I do with my Camp Out equipment?

If you do not have a vehicle to store your belongings in until making your way up to the camp on Saturday evening, you are welcome to leave all of the things you need for the Camp Out at the Event HUB on Saturday before 4pm and it will be transported to the Camp locations for you.

How do I get to the Camp Out?

We will have a map on site at the Event HQ that show directions to the Camps. All campers will need to make their way to the Camp Out by foot  or personal vehicle but there is limited parking available. There is also a complimentary shuttle bus that will leave the Event HUB at 5.00pm.

Can I camp with my family somewhere else / not as part of the official Camp Out?

Certainly. Those choosing to camp elsewhere are responsible for themselves. We suggest the local caravan parks, which have excellent facilities. There are no national or state park wild camps in or around town. Remember it is illegal to camp on the beaches or in any natural landscape area that is not specifically designated a campsite.


Is Accommodation included in my ticket?

No, not unless you have selected and paid for the Camp Out on Saturday night as an extra. Your general ticket covers activities only. You can then choose to purchase attendance at the overnight Camp Out during the booking process. OR you can book cabin / dorm accommodation on site at one of the participating outdoor camps or caravan parks in Anglesea.

What are my accommodation options?

1. Participate in the Camp Out (Saturday night only). This is booked online when you book your children’s tickets. It is $25 per person in a 3-person family tent. An adult must accompany  / be responsible for all children for whom they are acting as a guardian at the event.  Limited numbers!

2. Stay in a dorm or cabin on site at one of the Outdoor Camps or Caravan Parks. This cannot be booked via the online ticketing system. You must contact the respective camp or caravan park directly to book. Mention the KAOS event for a special deal on accommodation.

3. Arrange your own accommodation independently in Anglesea or on the Surf Coast. Choose from the local units, hotels, motels and rented holiday houses.

Where are the cabin and dorm accommodations?

The cabin and dorm accommodation are located in participating camps and caravan parks, all of which are located less that 1km from the Event HQ, near the Anglesea Bowls Club. You will be able to park on site.

What do I need to bring if staying in a cabin or dorm on site?

Sleeping bag, fitted sheet, pillow, pillowcase, towel and your personal effects (toiletries).

What is the configuration of the cabins and dorms?

All beds are single. Configurations are 2-bed, 4-bed and 6-bed dorms. We will do our best to accommodate family and friends together. Please discuss with your accommodation provider.


Is food included in the ticket price?

Food is only included for families choosing the choosing the Camp Out option.  A Bush BBQ and breakfast is included in the Camp Out ticket price.

The Event Hub is located just across from Anglesea’s main shopping precinct where you will find plenty of cafes for coffees, breakfasts, lunches and a supermarket for self catering food and general supplies.

Is onsite catering available?

Offshore Catering in Anglesea is offering the service of providing freshly made lunch boxes for participants who order prior to Thursday 6th April.  All boxes are made to order and there are a number of healthy options to choose from.  Lunches will be delivered free of charge at midday to the main registration marquee at the Event Hub on the Anglesea Green.  For orders go to the KAOS Anglesea link at Offshore Catering.

Can we go off site to get lunch / dinner?

Yes.  We encourage you to explore the Anglesea township and its culinary offerings. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants and take-aways stores.

If I select to stay overnight in one of the camps cabins/dorms, is food included?

No, meals are not included.

Have more questions? Get in contact with us here, we will be happy to talk you through whatever you need.


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